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I enjoyed RDR2 a lot, but man is it satisfying to be back to games where the characte
I was a bit late to the Red Dead Redemption 2 train, and just finished a few days ago. I enjoyed the game a lot! But like many, I definitely did not love the controls. Everything felt very sluggish, and while it wasn't anywhere near enough to stop me from playing it was definitely a bit of a chore.

After finishing, I've been replaying God of War 2018, playing Devil May Cry 5, playing a few other games and the difference is kind of incredible. Obviously every game is going to have a different control scheme, but the general responsiveness of the character in these games is so much higher than in RDR2. You can definitely get used to RDR2's controls, but once you change to a more responsive game the difference is crazy.

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