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There is no denying which Manny Pacquiao serves as a wonderful beacon of hope and inspiration for any Filipino people. This is why I feel compelled to extend my gratitude to him or her through this letter to show my appreciation.

Dear Manny Clayton Kershaw Dodgers Jersey ,

I’m sure you have a lot of fans and an equally massive amount fan mail. I’m sure you hear everyday about how you are continuing to help inspire young athletes and even regular individuals to struggle and work hard to obtain their dreams. I’m also quite certain that many people have said as a result of you for serving since their inspiration. But I’m sure another thanks a lot letter for you and that which you do won’t hurt.

I’d like to give you my thanks, first together with foremost, for somewhat improving the social situation in our country, the Philippines Justin Turner Dodgers Jersey , by doing what you do. You uplift the Filipino spirit each time you win a fight. You bring out some of our fellow countrymen’s sense of nationalism whenever you wave our flag high at the announcement of your success. You figuratively put our country back on the world map with every title you’ve got won, making other nations aware that any of us Filipinos, despite what effect our history has had on our people’s reputation, are worthy of being recognized inside international scene.

I also want to send this thank you letter because you have never denied your cultural heritage and roots. You have always claimed loudly and proudly the united states where you’re from Yasiel Puig Youth Jersey , never showing or feeling shame that you belong to a individuals who been openly and constantly criticized for being inferior with regard to their nation’s development. Individuals that you remind us the great need of loving our country with origin; loving it enough to help fight battles in it’s honor and striving so the definition of what a Filipino is may be elevated to something more.

And to top that off, your demeanor along with the attitude you display during fights may be remarkable. You embody the optimal of sportsmanship in a time where respect to some sort of fellow colleague, let by itself an opponent, is rarely given freely. You have served being a reminder that in successful Cody Bellinger Youth Jersey , humility and courtesy have to be exhibited first. You have proven that chivalry and the values that accompany it are certainly not dead.

This thank you letter is for you Manny, for giving hope to your Filipino people among political bickering, ideological clashes, natural disasters Corey Seager Youth Jersey , and social uncertainty. You are the modern day hero that many of us need.

I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.


Raffy Chan
The Filipinos were astounded to the last fight of our very own Filipino Champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao previous May 7, 2011 with Shane Mosley. But, that coming November Jackie Robinson Youth Jersey , it’s officially declared that Manny Pacquiao can face old rival and lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez. The fight is planned to occur in MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las vegas. This fight is incredibly awaited and eagerly planned by promoters. The HBO and Showtime is even two in the largest broadcasting company who will handle to televise this fight. But the major question is, with this third match of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, does our Filipino Champ “Pacman” gets the belt?

Los Angeles Times announced that Pacquiao and Marquez will fight for a welterweight catch weight associated with 144 pounds, with Marquez secured with $5million. So Mike Piazza Youth Jersey , with this, can it increase the chances of our Filipino Champ. The first fight of Pacquiao and Marquez was considered controversial. There was a decide who had admitted that they was mistakenly made an error on the scorecards. If it would have been known before the declaration of winner, it would be our Filipino Champ’s victory then.

The next fight had been still controversial for our personal Pacman won via split decision. Two judges favored our Filipino Champ and only one to Marquez, but also for the boxing analyst Clayton Kershaw Youth Jersey , they think it will have been Marquez victory. The fights of Marquez with Pacman made the team of Marquez more serious to declare another struggle. But Pacquiao’s decision is firm to never fight with him ever again, maybe because of an excessive amount controversy accompanying their fight. Finally, the controversial fight is back to the ring again carrying same controversies and Pacman this time will prove them wrong and show the individuals his big punch to knock out Marquez and definitely make sure this time will be their last and final fight.

According to Roger Mayweather, your uncle of Mayweather Jr .. Justin Turner Youth Jersey , Pacman is a better puncher than the pound- for- pound king’s opponent that’s Juan Michael Marquez. As what he previously watched before, Marquez was knocked down by Pacman three times but good for him or her he was still able to force a draw. This could really be the most awaited event of the year. Another match with Pacquiao and Marquez would bring every Filipinos into action. Pacquiao is Filipino’s ego and we can’t afford that our very own Filipino Champ will lose at this time.

We are all keen to look at every fight of Manny Pacquiao. He is our number one sport icon in the united states. With all his popularity on boxing, no ask yourself he came this considerably. He is now a huge person compared to what he is before. He deserves to own all this blessings with life. We aim to your next victory Filipino Champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. You will be a magnificent boxer. Take the country’s name all over again, make us proud more and stay one of the great icons on the globe.
Manny Pacquiao has made just about the most dramatic transitions in world boxing over the last two years Yasiel Puig Womens Jersey , where as Floyd Mayweather for any
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Athletes and sportsmen are inspiration for many people with the tireless attitudes and determination. Manny is certainly one of those few men who fought really hard to reach the level he has attained now. Thanks for sharing the details about him.

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