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Unmarried Men Start with Nothing
In most states, the father, if not married to the mother of the child has zero rights to the child. From the time of conception. From the time your sperm fertilized her egg you no longer had rights to it.
If married, the state recognizes the husband of any married woman as the father of any child she bears while married to her until proven otherwise.
If unmarried, however, if one presents himself at the hospital, at the time of birth and is recorded as father on the birth certificate, He would be ahead of the game. He won't be afforded any more rights had he not showed up but establishing a presence as father for if the question of child support were to arise altogether.

Going to stop there. It should be said that I advocate for fathers, most especially, black fathers, to have custody of their children. It's only in the past century that women began taking children in divorces. Don't be fooled. It was always understood that a man could provide a more stable home and can vote.
But the point is, if you're not thinking of getting custody, you're dreaming if you think you're not paying child support. We can talk custody.

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