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Avoid Child Support Altogether, Man
Big Grin 
This topic is called Child Support Advice and that's a problem, but an understandable one.

The reason it's a problem is because child support should not be a foregone conclusion for men, let alone, the Black man. Before you even get to the point of having to pay child support there is a sequence of events that take place and understanding these events and how to deal with them, could help you avoid being put on child support, and much more, avoid all the other problems of raising children with a woman you're not with. So therefore, the problem is that this topic should be called "Paternity/Divorce" because that's what the issue really is but all things dealing with that are apparently going to be dealt with here.

The reason the problem of this topic being called Child Support advice is an understandable one, is because for many men, especially us, Black men, the first thing we get hit with - with regards to the courts and our children - is child support. So hopefully my posts to this page can help us all understand these things and head them off before it gets there.

More to come.

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