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Are Black Conservatives Coons?
Brothers...Just a quick question. I am a Black conservative that is more moderately center based with my political views. I know other Black Conservatives who refuse to even fathom that white supremacy is non existent. Do you believe that Black Conservatives are Bedwenches for White Republicans?
It depends if black conservatives can effectively critique their own misdoings (ex. Michael Steele calling out Matt Schlapp a CPAC spokesman).
Tony Brown kept it black & real as a conservative. Very few can, but it's possible. 

MLK was a GOP conservative. 

Tony Brown (journalist)

Mane, I just saw this conservative nubian sistah (Deneen Borelli ) on Twitter digging into Hittary Clinton which she has every 1st amendment right to do but come to find out she's a BW  Smile 


[Image: tommy.gif]
Deneen with her husband Tom, Source: Blog Talk Radio

.@deneenborelli: "Every day [@HillaryClinton] talks it is a reminder of why she lost. She has managed - this one person has managed - to insult millions of Americans." #Cavuto 

But she got that heat for somebody's azz doe  Big Grin

[Image: IMG_0943OPTION2-06d08920.jpeg?ver=149349...5714285714]
Gun Owners: Fox News Contributor and Fox News Contributor Deneen Borelli

After a home break-in, Borelli and her husband opted for gun ownership as a route of self-defense. The right, she says, comes with responsibilities, licenses and proper training.
The answer is not neccessary. I think there are fake black conservatives that pretend to be black conservatives but really they are ultra assimilationists masquerading as black conservatives. They are easy to spot as they pretty much always always always have and excuse or outright dismiss white behavior and always wan tto tripping done on black people.

They really are promoted white tribalism in blackface and dont even know it.

Jason Black
Pro Black Truth
Mr. Research

ARe black conservatives yet they are b1.
Also you notice that to be pro black is scene as leftist even though one doesnt know what folks views on government is. That tells you all you need to know because they only say that because black people vote more d. Black people vote d because of racism more then belief in big government. But those nuances are never broadcasted bc they ar too business defending whites under the face guise of holding black people accountable.

There is a different between deflecting from whites and holding black folks accountable.

Also these fake black conservatives are never honest about the bad of the Republican party. They just sweep that shit under the rug.

Another honorable mention.
Marcus Brown is more libertarian then concservative. Thats why I kind of give him a pass....
Edward Anderson 
Saying what always needs to be said even when no one wants to hear it.
Cool Big Grin

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Depends on what people mean when they mean "black conservative". To me, a black conservative is one that believes in traditional values such as family, self-ownership, accountability. A "Fox News/Republican Party black conservative" is not really a black conservative, IMO. They tend to deny racism's influence and really are a mouthpiece for white supremacy. Essentially, they suck up to the white supremacist power structure and throw their own people under the bus. They critique, without offering good solutions to the problems that affect the black community.
Black Conservative is synonymous for Left The Democratic can only be a bedwench if they are sleeping with the enemy.....not sharing some ideals with them.

Matriarchal men will never understand Patriarchal men. They subscribe to boogiemen (like white supremacy) and excuses (like racism) to keep themselves comfortable in the Bondage of self-oppression.

Tastyworks Signup
I consider my self a black conservative. I don't think black conservatives are bed wenches for white Republicans at all. In speaking with other Black conservatives I know, many don't outright deny the existence of racism but just see the continuous discussion of race as a hindrance and demands for inclusion as more detrimental than positive. These types of black conservatives are seen as coons by black liberals when they simply have other strategies.

My conversations with other right-wing blacks typically center around the businesses they are starting or trying to start, their investments, financial opportunities, and strategies to get further ahead and build a solid family unit. When it comes to women when time to look for a serious partner they tend to value different things than black liberals. When talking to black liberals I often hear more about social justice, protesting, institutional racism and the like. The right-wing blacks don't deny these things, but just rather focus on other things IMO.

I can sympathize with black liberals who are most focused on discussing social justice and inequality etc. But don't think the blacks that choose to focus on other parts of life are coons or bed wenches.
Black Liberals are the real coons/uncle toms.
There is a difference between conservative and C00Nservative.

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