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Do All Men Pay for Sex?
Ok brothers. Here is the debate that has been going down across Black Youtube for the last few months. I just did a video with Taylor Made Dreams Out of the Matrix discussing the same narrative. Do you brothers think that all men pay for sex? I certainly do ESPECIALLY if you an ugly nigga like ME with a receding hairline. Some of you niggas stay lying and say dont pay for no pussy. You a GODDAMN LIE (Ghetto Voice). Lets talk about it here.
Yes they do pay for sex. Niggas think it's free but don't consider the ancillary costs of going out and trying to spit game at a female.
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Many don't know that, that female treasure box comes with a hidden price tag. Even a playa with a lot of game and a lot a chicks has to eventually pony up and pay the pussy bill, either materially or spiritually. It's best to outright pay for that chit through funds of gifts and cut ties when you're tired of smashing her and move on to the next one. Most gotta sow those oats.

Now this doesn't apply if you are fortunate/blessed enough to find an excellent chick that is good to be with, is happy inside, ain't about the b.s. and wants to build a life/empire with you. 

Dedicated to the Chairman of the Board Oshay!  Big Grin

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I have heard of women that pay men for sex.....

So the statement is false......although a good many men reach into their pocketbooks to entice a woman to sex.

Time is $$. Half the time it aint about just fucking the bitch.

That's your time and energy too.

When you factor that in... sometimes the price for that p aint worth it.
Oshay you don't have to pay...You have zeal and a niche ...That carrys weight...You are tough as nails that's why I always donate. You are the top predator in jungle that fake bullshit will not fly without being checked. The key is to make your encounters transitory. The more you hit the higher probability of residual fees demanded by the female.
All men pay in some way shape or form. Time is the most valuable currency in life.
I dont 'pay'... If payment means standard tricking to impress women.

After experiencing working in a gym as a PT in my early 20s, Ive seen first hand how EASY it is to pick up women with MINIMAL effort. Most times I would just stand alone in the gym floor when I was free and women will approach in one way or another. So I really overid that payment mentally after years of getting top notch, upper class, fit women for practically nothing... In fact the women would often complain that I dont take them out... But will still do nice things for me... I got some stories fam!

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Every action that you take has some type of cost. Make sure that the outcome is worth it.
Mack City Limits had did a podcast about this. It was a very interesting concept the way that he explained it. His theory was that no matter if you pay up front or not it will still cost you. If you are the guy fucking for free (so you think) all she is going to do is put you in arrears on the back end of things. Like child support, marriage, etc. Mack and Tony broke it down to a science.

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